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How To Create An Online Series

by John Eshan

Anyone with a camera and a platform like YouTube can create an online series. These series often focus on a single subject or arc. Sometimes a web series can gain enough popularity to be picked up by a larger network or media company. This is what happened with Issa Rae’s web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, which eventually led to the HBO show Insecure.


A web series is a set of scripted or non-scripted online videos released in episodic form. It is part of the web television medium that first emerged in the 1990s and became more prominent in the 2000s (decade). Web series episodes are usually shorter than those of a TV show and can be viewed on a computer or mobile phone. While a TV series requires heavy production costs, celebrity actors and large media companies, an ซีรี่ย์ออนไลน์ can be created by anyone with a camera and a desire to tell a story. Many aspiring filmmakers start with YouTube or other video-sharing sites where they can create a following and build a fan base.

Some of these series are so popular that they make it to television. For example, the web series Awkward Black Girl started on YouTube and ended up on HBO.


A series format is a document that provides an overview of the storyline for a TV show or a set of episodes. It also defines how the characters will progress over time and identifies major themes in the series. A successful format can help a writer sell a project to producers. Streaming platforms have given rise to new types of formats. They include card-based news formats popularised by Snapchat Stories and its *Stories clones, as well as the trend toward a “tap essay” style that’s best suited for mobile phones.

The panelists, who included Teenage Bounty Hunters creator Kathleen Jordan, Hand of God creator Ben Watkins and WGAW contract specialist Laurie Espinosa, discussed the benefits and challenges of creating and selling a format. They emphasized the importance of writers communicating with reps and producing partners about their series vision and their expectations for compensation. They also advised writers to be open to creative risk-taking when developing a series format.


The global availability of internet and over-the-top (OTT) video streaming services have enabled web series producers to reach a broad audience. Moreover, the affordability of mobile devices has enabled people to watch web series on the go. Web series can be accessed anytime, anywhere, without commercial interruptions. This makes them a popular alternative to traditional television shows. They also offer a greater degree of creative freedom for creators and feature shorter episodes than traditional TV shows.

However, watching web series for too long can have detrimental effects on health and can distract a person from work or study. This is particularly true in the case of youth, who are known to spend excessive amounts of time watching online video content. It has been shown that too much screen time can lead to obesity, sleep problems, and chronic neck pain. Moreover, data costs can be an issue, especially if one watches web series late at night.


Unlike television shows, which are broadcast at a set time in multiple countries, web series can be viewed online around the world. This flexibility makes the production process much less expensive. The development of an online series begins with conceiving a strong idea that can span anywhere from 4 to 12 episodes or “webisodes.” It is important to write a logline for the whole season, and a logline for each individual episode.

After the scripts are written, pre-production takes place. This is the opportunity to get the director of photography, or DP, on board. Explain the visual language of your short film to them, and encourage him or her to reference pictures, paintings, movies and other short films in the same genre. This will help to make your online series look more professional and polished. In addition, it will help to avoid any mistakes that could cost you money later on in production. Once the series is completed, it can be distributed through social media websites or on a website created specifically for the show.


With Netflix, Amazon Prime, SonyLiv, Voot Eros Now and other streaming platforms releasing new media content there’s been a boom in online series. But how does it impact users? What are the advantages and disadvantages of watching these series? Unlike traditional TV shows, web series are available online 24/7. This gives them a much broader reach than conventional television programs.