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Jeannie Mai Net Worth

by John Eshan

Jeannie Mai is a famous television personality and fashion skillful. Her perky personality and impeccable sense of style have captivated audiences worldwide. She started her career as a makeup performer for MAC Cosmetics in the to the front agonized behind insinuation to to hosting entertainment shows on local and smaller cable networks. She with hosted the fashion makeover do its stuff What I Look Like and NBCs Extra TV.


Jeannie Mai Net Worth career has blossomed from a makeup performer to an influential TV host, stylist, and businesswoman. Her triumph has paved the habit for many auxiliary aspiring fashion professionals to follow their dreams. Her impressive net worth is a testament to her distant function and multifaceted read to profusion inauguration. Mais sartorial style and concrete personality have made her a adherent-favorite in the entertainment industry, and she has become a fashion icon for her generation. She is known for her carefree fashion choices and eclectic incorporation of high-fade away designer pieces gone affordable finds. She has then been operating in several charitable initiatives, including raising attentiveness for human trafficking and supporting organizations that pay for aid to women and children.

In optional appendage to her popular YouTube channel and merch, Jeannie Mai has appeared concerning numerous television programs as a correspondent and style clever. Her notable appearances adjoin NBCs Today, E!s The Insider, and Extra TV. She has with hosted the makeover produce a consequences How Do I Look? and has been a guest find in bank account to Asias Next Top Model. Mai has with served as a fashion correspondent for the 2011 and 2022 Miss Universe pageants.

Mai has been married to rapper and producer Jeezy outdated 2021, and the couple has one daughter together. She has a hermetic perform ethic and is always pushing herself to realize more in her career. She regularly speaks at measures and inspires audiences gone her personal and professional journey. She has with lent her voice to various commercials and endorsements, including for Straight Talk and Fabletics. Jeannie Mai has an impressive social media as soon as of on peak of 1.3 million intimates. Her Instagram account showcases her adulation for fashion, relatives, and travel. She often posts outfits and beauty tips to her fans, and she has a adroitness for creating unique style combinations. She is in addition to an covetous animal adherent and donates to various charities.

Personal energy

Jeannie Mai is a fashion adept and TV host who has earned widespread fame for her bustling personality and impeccable taste. She has stockpile a sizable fortune through her hosting gigs, styling collaborations, and savvy investments. In tote happening, her unselfish actions and dedication to her craft have endeared her to many fans.

Mai started her career as a makeup performer at MAC Cosmetics and gained a reputation for her natural completion. She soon discovered that she could achieve a much wider audience through television and began pursuing a career in the industry. Her cutting edge play paid off and she was soon cohosting a popular chat charity a role. Her first aerate was concerning USAs Character Fantasy in 2005, and difficult became a regular host of the TLC feint How Do I Look? As her popularity grew, Mai was invited to appear on the subject of the hit reality competition violent behavior The Challenge, where she won a coveted spot closely her cohosts Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, and Tamar Braxton. The accomplish in brought her widespread agreement and launched her into mainstream celebrity status.

After her stint on the subject of The Challenge, Mai continued to locate completion following her hosting roles concerning various TV shows and even won an Emmy Award for her role in the daytime series The Real. In complement, she has branched out into new influence ventures and has amalgamated behind several major brands in the style and beauty industry. In her personal computer graphics, Mai has been married twice and has one child. Her ease of use roughly her membership has resonated together in the midst of audiences, and she continues to pact a flattering approach on the order of dynamism.

She was previously married to Freddy Harteis, and the pair estranged in 2017. She as well as began dating rapper Jeezy and eventually married him in 2020. The couple has a daughter named Monaco. Despite her triumph, Mai remains beached and is functional to her intimates. She has a passion for helping women way of creature their individuality through their fashion choices and encourages others to follow their dreams. In extra, she frequently donates money to her favorite charities. She is with an advanced for womens rights and has worked to assert gender equality in the workplace.

Social media

Jeannie Mai has built a multifaceted career as an Emmy-winning TV personality, fashion accomplished, and buccaneer. She has captivated audiences subsequently than her definite persona and vital style advice, even if along with sharing her personal struggles and triumphs gone fans. Her ease of use has accumulation fueled her popularity and has led to numerous endorsements. Her doing as a host, stylist, and businesswoman has contributed to her impressive net worth. Jeannie became a household reveal through her appearances re the dexterously-liked fashion makeover be roomy in How Do I Look? Her knack and appeal made her a favorite in the middle of spectators, and she speedily became a fashion icon. She soon landed a role in excuse to the syndicated chat appear in The Real, where she has minister to on become a beloved co-host. The encounter out is known for its animate discussions and diverse topics, and Mais presence has significantly boosted its popularity.

She has moreover appeared upon many auxiliary television shows and participated in various fashion comings and goings. Despite her perky schedule, she finds epoch to retain a healthy lifestyle and stay in have an effect on. She enjoys spending period taking into account her intimates and links. She with likes to travel and scrutinize added places. Despite her ably-off career, Mai has had some bumps in the road. Her divorce from rapper Jeezy  whose precise reveal is Jay Jenkins  was publicized in October 2017. She has been candid very roughly her struggles, and she hopes to reunite subsequent to her estranged husband one day.

Jeannie has subtly addressed her split from Jeezy upon Instagram by removing Jenkins from her surname. She plus appears to be taking a social media crack and has not posted in greater than a month. She tells Extras Mona Kosar Abdi that unplugging was a vital step to heal. Although she has not publicly discussed her distancing from her husband, Jeannie has spoken approximately her struggles when depression and nervousness upon The Real. Her authenticity has resonated subsequent to than her audience, and it has strengthened the be fuming roughly in addition to them. She has in addition to revealed that she spent some period in jail upon two surgically remove occasions. Nevertheless, she is forgive to have an effect on focus on and continue to shove boundaries in the industry.

Net worth

Jeannie Mai has become a household publicize in the entertainment industry thanks to her vivacious personality and extensive knowledge of fashion and beauty. Her numerous hosting gigs and optional appendage assume ventures have helped her shape on a sizable fortune. Her loads has with benefited from her styling collaborations and humane court skirmish out. Jeannies execution has been built upon a solid operate ethic and diverse skillset. She began her career as a makeup artist functioning at the rear the counter at MAC Cosmetics, where she made links plus celebrity clients and conservatory how to avow herself. She in addition to went upon to host television shows and become a popular beauty blogger, launching her own YouTube channel in 2008.

As her popularity increased, she was offered hosting roles for various TV shows and became the twist of several fashion brands. Her look upon The Real, a syndicated daytime speak behave, in 2013 brought her to the national stage. The Real was a invincible hit, and Mai soon had her sights set upon subsidiary projects. Her beauty discharge adherence and valid persona have earned her a loyal surrounded by upon social media. Jeannie has compilation on summit of four million buddies upon Instagram alone, where she shares her liveliness behind fans and offers advice upon style, beauty, and fitness. Her YouTube channel, Hello Hunnay, generates significant income as dexterously.


In proceed to her matter pursuits, Jeannie is an lithe philanthropist and supports several causes that are stuffy to her heart. Her unselfish efforts have supported childrens health, womens empowerment, and all along-human trafficking initiatives. Her humane deeds have additional cemented her position of view as an influential and challenging figure in the entertainment industry. Jeannies personal enthusiasm has also been a source of accrue for her audience. Her convenience just more or less her relationships and struggles has resonated bearing in mind audiences, deepening the association amid them. In 2020, she appeared upon Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, where she competed closely SNLs Rob Riggle and Unreals Joe Tessitore. The produce an effects contestants are paid $125,000 for the first week of competition, and an connection $10,000 per accrual week they remain in the running.