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Misty Loman – A Mother Struggling With Lupus, Scleroderma, And Bone Cancer

by John Eshan

Misty Loman is a woman who had to hit rock bottom after losing her family, including her sons. She has a severe drug addiction and suffered from lupus, scleroderma, and bone cancer. She went viral after her mugshots were posted by an ill-informed sheriff. People assumed she was a drug addict, but her physical deterioration was caused by her autoimmune diseases – scleroderma, lupus, and bone cancer.

She Has A Severe Drug Addiction

Misty Loman is an American woman who became viral after her sheriff posted mugshots of her that showed her drastic transformation. At the time, many people believed that her appearance was a result of her drug addiction. However, medical experts later realized that she had other underlying health issues that were the cause of her changes. These included lupus, bone cancer, and scleroderma. Despite her troubles, Misty Loman is now sober and has regained her physical appearance. She also has a new outlook on life. She is now a Christian and spreads the message of self-love.

Misty had been in and out of jail on drug-related charges over the years. She has been arrested for marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia, and other crimes. She has been married for a few years and has two sons, but she recently split with her husband. As a mother, she was unable to care for her children and turned to drugs to escape the pain of losing them. She was at rock bottom and didn’t think she would ever recover. She suffered from severe depression and lost her hair, and she was homeless at times. But she was able to regain her life and found a way out through God.

She enrolled in a long-term treatment center and now leads a normal life with her dog. She has received much support from her fans and now has a new outlook on life. She says that her experience is proof that God will help you in your weakest moments. She has learned to love herself and is spreading the message that everyone deserves a second chance. Misty’s story has earned her a lot of online supporters over the years. There are even Facebook pages dedicated to supporting her, and she is constantly receiving messages of support. While some of the comments are derogatory, others are supportive and encourage her to continue her recovery journey. She has even begun a blog to document her progress.

She Has Scleroderma

Misty Loman is a mother who has been living in a state of trauma for a few years. She suffered from a series of unfortunate events including losing three sons in infancy, losing her home and car and struggling with extreme stress and depression. To add to her misery, she was diagnosed with lupus and scleroderma. Her illness resulted in her hair loss and she became a shadow of herself. Moreover, she was not able to care for her children, and so she submerged herself in drugs to feel numb. In 2019, a Sheriff in Wisconsin posted her mugshot photos online, and the pictures went viral. They showed her gradual deterioration due to drug use, and were meant as a deterrent for other drug users. However, the sheriff did not mention that she was also suffering from Scleroderma and bone cancer. The public began to support her and a Go-fund-me campaign was started for her.

It is not known exactly why Misty Loman developed this autoimmune disease, but it seems to be linked to her genetic predisposition and her family history. The condition causes fibrosis, a process that causes tissue to harden and tighten. The disease can affect the skin, organs, and joints. Typically, it affects women more than men. It is a chronic disease that can be fatal.

Despite all this, Misty Loman did not give up on life. She was able to get help from her older sons, Corey and Jacob. They begged her to seek treatment and she finally agreed to it. She underwent long-term treatment at Sisters in Sobriety and was baptized. She found peace in religion and is now able to live her life again. Misty Loman’s mugshots have received much media attention, and she has earned many supporters online. Some have even begun Facebook pages to support her. But some have raised their voices against her appearance, claiming that her personal life should not be displayed like this.

She Has Lupus

After her mugshots went viral, Misty Loman received an outpouring of support from her community. People donated money for chemotherapy, wigs, and other necessities. Others started prayer groups for her, and a woman named Treasa Dunning set up a GoFundMe page to help her with her expenses. This outpouring of love encouraged her to continue on the path of recovery. She says she’s now in a better place than ever before. It’s not just meth use that caused her to look so terrible, she also suffered from bone cancer, lupus panniculitis, and scleroderma. These diseases caused her to lose a lot of weight and hair, which made her look even more frail. In addition, the chemotherapy she received to fight her cancer further deteriorated her appearance.

When Sheriff Adam Bieber of Wisconsin published her mugshots, he intended them to serve as a warning against meth use. However, he failed to mention that her unusual appearance was not due to drug use alone. She has a serious illness that makes her skin tighten and harden. It’s not uncommon for her to feel self-conscious about the way she looks. Despite her illness, Misty has managed to get back on the road to recovery and is now twenty-eight months sober. She’s also spreading the message of prayer, encouraging people to seek God’s promise for their lives. She wants to give back to the people who have supported her in her struggle, and she hopes that her story inspires others.

Misty Loman was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She is married and has two sons, Corey and Jacob. She has been in and out of jail fifteen times throughout her life. In the past, she had trouble focusing on her children because of her addiction problems. Now, she is able to focus on her children, who are supportive of her efforts. She has also learned how to love herself again, something she had lost while using drugs. In her newfound sobriety, she is a role model for those who are struggling with drug addiction. She’s a true survivor, and her journey is truly inspiring.

She Has Bone Cancer

Misty loman is a woman who has had a very difficult life. She is suffering from a number of illnesses, including bone cancer and lupus, and her appearance in the viral mugshots shocked people worldwide. She has since clarified that her appearance is due to her illness, and not drug addiction. She has also lost three of her children. One of them died during birth, and she also suffered from a miscarriage and a set of twins that were stillborn. These tragedies caused her to become traumatized, and she turned to drugs to escape from the pain.

Misty Loman is a native of Bowling Green, Kentucky and has two sons named Corey and Jacob. She has been incarcerated multiple times and is on the road to recovery. Her photos were shared by a sheriff in Wisconsin to warn others about the harmful effects of methamphetamine use. She has a long history of drug abuse and had been incarcerated fifteen times in her lifetime before her pictures went viral.

While the sheriff posted her mugshots on social media to discourage drug use, they failed to mention that she was suffering from autoimmune diseases like Lupus Panniculitis, Scleroderma, and Bone Cancer. These diseases attack the skin and adipose tissues of the body, which contributed to her disfigured appearance. In addition, chemotherapy treatment for her cancer also caused her to lose hair and weight.


The internet outrage over her mugshots has prompted people to organize in support of her. Many have even started a Go-Fund-Me campaign to raise funds for her medications and rehabilitation. The internet community has also created prayer groups in her honor. In an interview with WBKO, Loman said that her health problems were not drug-related. She had been diagnosed with lupus and scleroderma at a time of extreme stress, when she was trying to be a good mother to her two surviving sons. Her husband and family have been supportive of her, and she has made progress in her recovery. She is now a regular user of methadone, which is a prescription pain medication.