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My Sendair Has a Tank and a Battery and a Rig

by James William

It’s a tank

The tank is a heavy tracked myenvoyair fighting vehicle with a long range of firepower and a high degree of mobility. They are usually operated as a unit in combined arms forces and have a significant role in battlefield strategy. Despite their impressive firepower, they are also vulnerable to mines, artillery and air power. They are expensive to maintain and operate and require a dedicated crew, which is why they are rarely operated alone.

They are typically categorized by weight class (light, medium, heavy or superheavy) or by doctrinal purpose. Some are larger and very heavily armoured, others smaller and lighter, and still others are designed for reconnaissance roles. They are generally considered a main battle tank by many countries but in some, they are classified as a reconnaissance or cavalry tank and in others as a tank destroyer or cruiser.

These tanks are difficult to detect, as they emit a large amount of heat and engine noise that is distinctive to the tank. They can be hard to spot even when they are stationary because of their angular silhouette. However, tracks and dust clouds can give away their presence.

A tank is a weapon that is used to engage and destroy enemy ground forces by direct fire. They are armed with heavy guns and a variety of other weapons, as well as armour to protect against infantry, artillery and air power. They also have a high degree of mobility that allows them to travel over rough terrain at relatively fast speeds.

In recent years, research into how a tank can be made invisible to radar has been ongoing. This includes adaptation of stealth technologies originally developed for aircraft and a range of luminosity and colour-shaping techniques. This can make the tank look less like a weapon and more like its surroundings.

A tank has a long history and is used around the world. In the 20th century the development of the tank has been largely driven by technological advances, such as the internal combustion engine, continuous track, and armour plate. This has led to the evolution of a highly mobile fighting vehicle that can be operated by a small crew.

It’s a battery

A battery is a fancy-shmancy device that can store and release energy in a flash. They can range in size from tiny miniature cells used in hearing aids and wristwatches to large banks of batteries sized to power a telephone exchange or data center in an emergency. They can be a lot of fun to play with. My sendair has one of them.

It’s a specialized li-ion battery designed by Toshiba. It is one of many gizmos at the Marines and sailors’ disposal in their mission to restore power to Japan’s grid.

The battery is part of a larger system that will be able to handle frequency changes in local power supply and smooth out any ripples caused by fluctuating wind or solar production.

It also has a very cool looking display of twigs and leaves on the outside that shows the capacity and voltage of the battery. It also has a clever way to release the power from its stored energy by using an electromagnetic wave that’s the size of a mosquito.

It’s a rig

A rig is a large, self-contained drilling package that includes mud tanks, pumps and derricks (sometimes called masts) for drilling onshore or offshore. It also includes a rotary table or topdrive, power generation equipment and auxiliary tools. It’s a machine used to drill a well in oil and gas exploration. It also can be an industrial rig for manufacturing and other uses, such as building a nuclear plant or drilling a dam.

The noun rig and the verb rig both come from Middle English, which meant to fit tackle or other hardware to a ship. This noun and verb morphed into the modern words jury-rig, jerry-rig and the other forms of the word we use to describe manipulating or fixing something in advance for a desired result.