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Acrylic Stands

by John Eshan

If you are looking for a great place to display your documents, you should consider getting an acrylic stand. There are a number of different designs and sizes available for your needs. You can find a freestanding, adjustable stand, a document display system, or a figure stand that holds figures.

Mycarematters Freestanding Acrylic Stand

The Mycarematters freestanding acrylic pins is the real deal. It is made from high quality clear acrylic and can be affixed to virtually any flat surface. Its features include an aqueous coat of gloss finish and four no-damage hanging strips. There are plenty of reasons to display your Mycarematters printout on it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a Mycarematters patient to appreciate the slick little piece of kit. It will be your best friend on those loooong hospital shifts. Designed with the busy medical professional in mind, this oh-so-cool display can help improve patient satisfaction and reduce hospital costs.

Xibitmount(tm) Document Display System

The Xibitmount(tm) document display system is a novel way to present your artwork, brochures, posters and other displayable objects. This innovative display system is comprised of a universal acrylic stand and an integrated 1/4″ acrylic cleat. Both are easy to install and adjust. Combined with the optional attached museum board, this combination of a mount and a stand offers an elegant solution for displaying your artwork in a safe and secure manner.

The system is available in three sizes, each of which is able to accommodate a wide range of documents, including flat files. Each stand can be adjusted to a wide array of angles, allowing you to present your art in the most effective way. As a bonus, the sturdily constructed stands are also easy on the wallet, with minimal maintenance required and no hidden costs or gimmicks. Having your documents displayed in a safe and secure manner is important in any organization.

The system also comes with an optional optional custom cut window mat, and can be complemented with an accompanying mounting board in a variety of colors. To keep things clean and tidy, the accompanying display board is firmly adhered to the mount, and the resulting display is a sight to behold.

Acrylic Stand Figures

Acrylic stand figures are a new type of merchandise that has been making its way into the figure world in recent years. They are a form of miniature standees of anime characters. The acrylic figures can be purchased in Japan, and are a much more affordable alternative to 3D figures. These items are often sold at art shows, and are available in limited editions.

Acrylic stands are usually a couple of inches tall. They can be used as small interior goods or decorations. Since they are made of acrylic, they are lightweight and will not take up too much room in your house. Many of these stands come with a stand to display them, and they are easily portable as well.

Acrylic stand figures are available in a variety of styles. Some are designed in standard artwork style, while others use special illustrations to depict the characters. All of these acrylic stands are made of high-quality acrylic board material. However, you should be careful not to scratch the back of the figure. If you do, you might lose the image.

Adjustable Document Stand

Having a height adjustable document holder on your desk is very important if you want to avoid neck and back strain. These stands provide the perfect viewing angle for reading material and prevent eye fatigue. It is also a great way to improve your workflow. If you’re looking for a high quality, durable document holder, there are a number of options available. You can choose from clear acrylic, anti-reflective matte acrylic or a stainless steel design.

One of the benefits of an adjustable acrylic document stand is that it helps correct posture when using a computer. The back arm of the holder is adjustable for six steps to reduce neck and back movement, and the holder’s weighted base allows it to rest below the edge of the desk. This provides space to store items under the holder when not in use.

Another great feature of the Adjustable Document Stand is that it supports a tablet and can be adjusted in different heights to fit a variety of users. It offers the perfect viewing angle for reading materials, and can be easily used in a range of environments.


Acrylic stands are durable and long-lasting displays. They can hold a lot of weight and can also be made in various shapes and sizes. In fact, they are a popular choice for many businesses. It is also a good way to display collectibles, jewelry, cell phones and more